Revisioning Progress: A conference on school-based mental health, for clinicians, teachers, and administrators.

School-based mental health services are increasingly used in public health to see students who are difficult-to-reach, who feel alienated and disenfranchised from within the school system and the larger society.  These students require patience, flexibility, and determination from their therapists and teachers. Progress is slow and inconsistent. Yet, instead of acknowledging these complications, too often impersonal data-driven interventions are prioritized.  What if instead of claiming quick fixes, the complex needs of the students were centered in all interventions, and the direct experiences of clinicians and school staff were fundamental in shaping new definitions of success?

On Tuesday February 5th 2019, Lunar New Year, the Revisioning Progress conference, organized by RAMS Inc. with the generous support of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, seeks to reenvision what progress looks like for school-based mental health, through a day-long gathering of school-based clinicians.  Together, we will closely examine the issues that make this work challenging, and listen to clinical case material that illuminates new ideas on what progress can look like with our clients.  Teachers and administrators who work with students who have mental health needs are especially encouraged to attend, with the hope of creating dialogue and understanding between school staff and clinicians on how to support and nurture our shared students.  Please join us for a day to reflect, process, and engage in a new way with school-based mental health!

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